Early Access Mint

Launching a early access of the mint for particularly active community members.

Public NFTs Minting Event

Launching a public coin minting event that enables collectors to acquire unique NFT METABZZ.

Community Building

Actively creating and expanding the METABZZ community on social media, forums, and other platforms. Fostering discussions, engagement, and feedback from community members.

Giveaway of 15 Unique METABZZ Statuettes

Organizing a special giveaway where winners will be rewarded with 15 unique METABZZ statuettes, identical to the METABZZ NFTs they hold in their wallets.

Airdrop to Active Community Members

Rewarding highly engaged community members with an exclusive NFT airdrop. Establishing eligibility criteria and the quantity of NFTs through community consultations.

Launch of a New NFT Collection

Announcing and initiating the release of a new NFT collection, building on the success of METABZZ. Involving the community in the design and concept development process.

Integration into the Metaverse

Exploring the possibility of integrating NFT METABZZ into the Metaverse. Considering partnerships with virtual world platforms and immersive opportunities.

Ongoing Community Engagement

Supporting active communication with the METABZZ community through regular updates, events, and feedback channels. Fostering a sense of belonging and participation in the community.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Seeking strategic partnerships in the NFT and Metaverse space, involving artists, NFT projects, and Metaverse platforms.

Expansion of the METABZZ Universe

Expanding the METABZZ universe with new utilities and features related to the NFT collection. Encouraging innovation to sustain community interest and enthusiasm.

Long-Term Sustainability

Developing a long-term sustainable development plan for METABZZ NFT, taking into account governance, incentives, and future growth.